10 Landscape Lighting Effects That Light Up Your Lawn

As homeowners, we work hard to select unique plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that make our landscaping beautiful. But there is one aspect of landscaping that is often overlooked. When night falls, without landscape lighting, the perfectly planned landscape design literally disappears.

Making Goals for Your Landscape Lighting

Is your goal to illuminate pathways and patios to prevent slip or falls when walking up to your home? Are you looking to light up your backyard space for weekend entertaining? Or are you  adding landscape lighting for increasing your home’s security.

Discover the best techniques for highlighting trees, emphasizing a fountain, or lighting
a garden path.

Download a landscape lighting infographic showing these effects in action.

Here are some of the amazing effects you can achieve:

Down-lighting also referred to as moon lighting, gives the appearance of a full moon shining down on your lawn. This gives a romantic feel to your landscape and is achieved by mounting lighting fixtures facing downward typically from a tree.

Up-lighting provides a bolder, dramatic effect by pointing lighting directly at featured elements within your landscape. This technique uses low-voltage light fixtures that light a tree from the ground up to show off its shape and trunk structure.

Cross-lighting provides your landscape with more depth by lighting featured elements in your yard from both sides. Cross-lighting works well to eliminate unwanted shadows.You don’t want to overdo this effect since that can lead to over lighting and a washed out look.

Silhouetting requires placing a spread light between plant material, sculpture or a fountain and an adjacent structure. The object is then silhouetted in black against a soft white background. Spread lights are halogen bulbs with a mirrored background. They create a wide band of white light, perfect for backlighting.

Shadowing involves washing a feature such as a tree or statue so that it casts a shadow on a wall or fence. The play of light and darkness can be quite dramatic.

Grazing involves spread-lights or up-lights placed right next to the wall with beams directed upwards. This casts shadows that capture the texture of the wall. This effect shows off your stone work on walls and pilasters.

Pathlighting used along paths and steps exists to keep the walker safe. YA carefully lit path can give a sense of romance or adventure – it should make the viewer want to go and see where the pathway might lead.

Spotlighting uses a fixture to highlight a focal point such as a flag, statue or water fountain.
Use one or two spotlights to highlight your favorite feature in the garden.

Pool Lighting is important both for safety and for aesthetics. You can also use underwater lights or ambient lighting in the surrounding landscape to make after-hours swimming inviting to you and your guests.

Washing involves placing the light to the side of what you want to illuminate and let the light “wash” over it, bathing an entire wall or row of bushes. This will create a soft glow over the whole area.

With a little imagination there’s no limit to the number of ways you can add magic to your nighttime landscape with outdoor lighting effects.





How LED Landscape Lighting Keeps You Safe and Secure

security led landscape lighting palm beach

Properly designed landscape lighting can beautifully highlight architecture, gardens, trees, walkways, fountains and other interesting features of your landscape. Even more important … it can also provide security, comfort and safety!

Landscape Lighting Prevents Falls

The same low-intensity light that keeps robbers at bay can also illuminate paths so you and your guests can walk around your property without tripping over rocks or falling into the pool. We install landscape lighting to highlight the various walkways and paths around your property, as well as pools, rocks, sloped areas, and other hazards.

We light from the side or from below to make sure shadows don’t obscure vision. On the steps, we prefer to use niche lights because they enhance safety and look great too.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Burglars look for easy targets to hit for home invasions. It’s not worth it for them to rob a well-lit home when there are so many places for them to lurk in other yards whose owners have not installed effective landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Allows You to Keep a Watchful Eye

With landscape lighting, you can watch over your children and pets without leaving your home. Landscape lighting also discourages predatory animals who prowl around at night looking for easy prey. Without lighting to scare off predators, your small pets may fall victim to a coyote, an alligator, a raccoon, or other nocturnal creatures.

Home Security Lighting Tips

  • Install dual flood lights with motion sensors on all sides of your home. They automatically come on when they detect any nearby movement.
  • Use in-wall timers on all of your outside lighting and set them from dusk to dawn. You could also use
    photocell controls on your exterior lights that will automatically turn the lights on at dusk when it
    gets dark and turn them off at dawn when the sunlight returns.
  • If you have landscape lighting, keep them on for the entire night from dusk to dawn.
  • To minimize the cost of electricity and the time required to replace any burned-out light bulbs,
    use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or LED light bulbs in any outside security light that is left on
    the entire night.
  • Use garden lights with motion detectors and place them at strategic points around the perimeter of your home.
  • Don’t forget the back of your home, especially if you have woods in your backyard. Provide illumination to
    those areas where intruders can hide from view.
  • Is there any obvious place that a person can hide outside your home? Light it up! Use a battery operated LED
    security light if there is no electrical wiring in the area.
  • Most of us have some sort of decorative light fixture around our front entryway and garage. Be sure that these
    and other outdoor lights on or around your home, that can be easily reached from the ground, are fully
    enclosed so that the light bulbs cannot be easily removed by someone.
  • When you are away on vacation use timers on your indoor lights in several rooms.
    Make certain that different lights turn on and off at different times to make it look like someone is home.

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How Security Camera Systems Boost Your Company’s ROI

security camera systems

An extra set of eyes is never a bad thing. Video surveillance security systems ensure that your business has a watchful eye out 24/7. No matter what, why or when …  each part of your business is protected with real-time and recorded video.

The needs of every business are different. Some require surveillance across multiple locations, while others do not. Some businesses need advanced functionality, while others only require a basic system to capture and record footage.

The best security camera systems help small business owners deter theft from shoplifters and employees, stop property damage from vandals, assist in monitoring employee and contractor work, and document everything in detail so it is available for insurance providers or law enforcement.

Video surveillance offers many benefits to the business owner. It protects against outside break-ins and burglaries and also plays a critical role in sustaining your business, making it a safer place to work.

Prevent Employee Theft

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, about 75% of employees steal. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to catch them in the act and reclaim your assets is with a surveillance camera. When employees know they’re under surveillance, they’ll think twice before taking such a risk.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Many insurance providers today offer discounted insurance rates when you buy surveillance cameras for your store or office. A dependable indoor or outdoor surveillance system assures your insurance provider that you’re taking the necessary steps to protect your business from theft, which in turn, makes their job easier. Your business suddenly becomes less of a liability on their end.

Employee Monitoring

Are your employees actually working the full 8-hour shift, or are they spending their time doing something else? With the right surveillance cameras, you can find out what your employees are doing, and if any measures are needed to boost efficiency. This is especially helpful for retail business owners that can use monitoring to find out if they’re over or understaffed.

A Safer Workplace

Protecting your employees is just as important as protecting your business. Security cameras should be mounted at entrances, exits, and in parking lots to create a safer environment for your employees. This security tactic also prevents vehicle break-ins, vandalism, and other petty crime activity around your office or store.

Security cameras can do much more for your business than catch criminals. They’re designed to secure, protect, and monitor your company and employees. Discover how easy it is to safeguard your assets, better serve your employees, and improve the day-to-day operations of your business with a surveillance camera that’s built to help you in many ways.

Our security systems work for you, keeping you and your business safe and secure. Installed by one of our trained professionals, our commercial security cameras can be as discreet or distinct as you like.

Choosing a camera system for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. Securing your business with American Surveillance Cameras security systems couldn’t be easier. Set up an appointment, get a free quote and have ASC security cameras for your business installed. Give us a call at 561-204-3000 or contact us HERE.

Talk with us today about how we can provide 24/7 protection.

New Outdoor Surveillance Camera System with Your Smartphone

security cameras

Want to keep an eye on what’s happening at home when you’re not there? We have you covered!

Custom Lighting of America is proud to introduce the Dahua Technology Wi-Fi-connected cameras that let you spy from anywhere.

Outdoor Home Surveillance

Meant to deter or catch home intruders, video surveillance outdoor cameras can be very discrete or extremely obvious. Larger cameras can be advantageous because they might prevent criminals from trying to break in. Outdoor home surveillance cameras are built to withstand the elements. They are usually waterproof and might even have wipers to protect the lens. Homeowners can monitor one specific area, like the front door, or have multiple cameras to watch the whole property.

Dahua Technology is a total security solutions provider with an extensive product line, award-winning cameras and a global presence in 17 countries. The company provided all of the video surveillance technology for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Dahua cameras were installed in strategic locations where security personnel could observe the Olympic complex.

Ready-to-Use WI-FI Camera with Smartphone Access

For more information on our new Dahua surveillance cameras, call Harold Salkin at 561.204.3000 … your Palm Beach County professional, licensed surveillance camera installer.

Why Turtle Season in Jupiter Gets Serious. A Cautionary Tale.

Did you know that the simple flip of a switch can spare countless endangered sea turtles?

Nighttime lighting tends to lure hatchling turtles to crawl inland instead of seaward after emerging from their beach nests. As a result, they often die from dehydration, get run over or become prey for raccoons, crabs or ants.

The 2017 sea turtle nesting season on Florida’s Atlantic coast begins March 1st! So from March 1 through Oct. 31, all indoor and outdoor lights visible from the beach must be shielded, repositioned, replaced or turned off from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Bright beach lights, flashlights, flash cameras, video recorders and other types of artificial lighting aren’t allowed either.

Disturbing a sea turtle, its nests or hatchlings also is illegal.

Those who violate local marine turtle lighting ordinances face fines of up to $500 and six months in county jail.

At night wild sea turtles weighing hundreds of pounds lumber out of the sea and onto the sands in an ancient ritual to lay their eggs. While on the beach, sea turtles are timid and vulnerable and can be easily frightened away if disturbed.

It takes between one to three hours for the female turtle to lay her approximately 110 ping pong ball-sized eggs.

Sea turtles, among the oldest creatures on earth, have remained essentially unchanged for 110 million years. However, they face an uncertain future. Illegal harvesting, habitat encroachment, and pollution (physical and light) are only some of the things sea turtles must face as each species struggles to stay alive.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission helps to protect and conserve marine turtles and their habitat. You can help protect Florida’s endangered and threatened marine turtles by making a donation to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Your donation will help fund research at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and conservation efforts by the Imperiled Species Management Section. With each donation of five dollars or more, you will receive your choice of one of the waterproof decals featured. Current year marine turtle decals are available at Florida County Tax Offices.

Seeing a sea turtle crawl onto the beach at night and lay dozens of eggs is a special experience. You are witnessing one of earth’s oldest creatures perform a ritual that has been done for 110 million years.

It’s important for you not to disturb them, whether watching a large female turtle dig its sandy nest or the small hatchlings break out of their eggs and nests and head for the sea. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reminds everyone not to get too close, shine lights on, or take flash photos of nesting sea turtles or hatchlings.

More Information:

Sea Turtles and Lights
FWC Approved Sea Turtle Lighting Guidelines

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How to Create Patina on Copper Fixtures. An Easy Tutorial.

led outdoor landscape lighting palm beach county
This is one of the few times when natural aging is a good thing! Such is patina, that process when copper, left to its own devices, transforms itself from a bright, shiny new penny shade, to a burnished brown, and finally to a distinct green color.

This unique characteristic of copper is completely natural and actually preserves the copper and protects it from the outside elements.

Fixtures in natural copper and brass are a living finish and are intended to change color or patina over time. If you want to speed up the patina process, here is a tutorial on how to get the patina  look you want overnight.

** CAUTION – When handling and applying patina solution, wear gloves and safety glasses. Follow safety instructions carefully on the containers.

Spread newspaper under plant material to protect it. It is best to install pathlight fixtures first, then apply solution. Fixtures should be cleaned to remove oil and dirt with Windex®-type cleaner.


2 parts white vinegar
1 1/2 parts non-detergent ammonia
1/2 part non-iodized salt


•  Clean fixture with soft cloth Windex®-type cleaner to remove oil and dirt.
•  Premix patina solution in Windex-type spray bottle
•  Spray Windex® cleaner on fixture to break surface tension, leaving it on when you apply patina solution.
•  Apply patina solution by spraying onto fixture, preferably in the early evening on a high humidity night.
•  Allow to set for 1 hour, then reapply solution observing where you missed applying on the first coat. If there seems to be oil that is repelling the patina solution, clean it off with the Windex® cleaner.
•  Allow to sit overnight.
•  The result will be a bright green powdery patina. Do not rub off. In time (and re-applications) this finish will become permanent. The brightness will fade with time. To reduce green, cut back on the salt content. Color and effect is greatly affected by application ambient temperature and humidity.

** Courtesy of Unique Lighting Systems

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Make Elegant First Impressions with Lighting Design

led landscape lighting, palm beach

This is the time of year when everything must shine and sparkle and look its best. First impressions are everything as friends and family visit for the holidays … driving up your winding driveway, many of them coming upon your stunning home for the first time!

The perfect place to start is with the installation of the best and most beautiful LED landscape lighting system in The Palm Beaches.

Our installation team only utilizes heavy gauge direct burial copper wire, not the thinner gauge home store quality wire that deteriorates quickly overtime and does not permit the lamps to get as bright as they were designed to be.

LED Fixtures With A  Lifetime Warranty

Our fixtures are all cast brass and they have a lifetime warranty as well as the stainless steel lifetime warrantied transformers which come with a removable lifetime warranted timer.

Many different techniques will create a variety of effects for your home and property.  For the very best first impressions …  here are the techniques we use to illuminate your property:

LED landscaping lighting palm beachDesigned for safety, step lighting will clearly illuminate the steps designed into your living space, providing easy walking paths and directional assistance.

LED landscape lighting jupiter flIn the garden, moonlighting can be used to create the shadowing patterns of a moonlit night. Moonlighting is a subtle and natural effect, often using cool bluish LED lamps to create the look of natural moonlight.

shadowingShadowing utilizes the shadow created by a tree or object to enhance a design. The lighting fixture will be placed in front of the tree or feature and create the shadow on the object behind.

led landscape lighting wellington flWater features create a vivid design into the landscape. When illuminated properly it will intensify their effect. When illuminated with cool white LED lamps the water sparkles and fish are brightly highlighted.

led landscape lighting boynton beach flArea lighting is used to enhance flower beds and also safely illuminate pathways. Area lights are often staggered and alternating from one side to another when used on a pathway.

led landscape lighting palm beachGRAZING
Grazing is used to highlight and enhance interesting textures and architectural elements. Fixtures are placed less than a foot from the vertical surface and provide vertical illumination.

Downlighting is illuminating an object or surface from above. Downlighting can be used to highlight specific garden elements and large spaces for safety, security or recreational purposes.

UplightingArchitectural and landscape elements become visually dramatic features when illuminated from below. Uplighting is the most common technique used to accent key focal points in the landscape and to create shadows on walls.

led outdoor lighting services palm beachWall washing is the effect of illuminating an entire surface evenly to create a beautiful and subtle glow.
Illuminating the front face of a home evenly provides an elegant appeal.

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Tiki Torch Retro Glamour Lights Up Your Backyard Getaway.

Remember the pupu platter and Trader Vic’s?

Well, if you do (and even if you don’t) … now’s the time to get retro and light up your Tiki Torch!

led landscape lighting palm beach flOur Tiki Torch Light is a modern tribute to the ancient tiki torches from Polynesia. Traditionally, tiki torches honor the spirits of fire and light. The Tiki Torch keeps to this tradition since it contains both fire (fueled by an oil reservoir) and light (from an LED bulb located under the shade).

In addition to sporting a tropical look, this fixture functions as an insect repellent – keeping away those pesky bugs. This is accomplished by filling the reservoir with citronella oil.

The Tiki Torch Light also functions as an effective area light, projecting a wide circle of uniform illumination around its base. The fixture is typically positioned near the edges of decks and docks to provide safety, security, and beauty.

Other Tiki Torch Light features are:
Solid cast brass construction for lifetime durability.
Natural bronze finish that will continue to beautify as it ages.
Thick woven wick for large long-lasting flame.
Oil reservoir

If it wasn’t in a Tiki bar in the ’50s, it’s not authentic.
Tiki culture, as we know it, was invented in Hollywood and its founding father was Donn Beach, the creator of the Tiki bar. There was also Trader Vic’s, the California Tiki chain that started in Oakland, California, and created the Mai Tai in 1944.


Tiki’s California-elegant origins owe a lot to celebrity culture and Los Angeles’ prime Pacific Rim location. Tropical cocktails are at the center of the movement and are served as a ritual, not just a drink … involving chunks of exotic fruits and real flowers as garnish, exciting swizzle sticks, and occasionally flames.

So it’s definitely time to light up your backyard paradise with tiki torches AND convert your lighting system from high voltage to low voltage, taking advantage of all the cost savings inherent in LED systems.

Add in Custom Lighting of America’s Preventative Maintenance Plan and you have the perfect backdrop for (you got it!) another … Mai Tai!

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It’s Turtle Season and Dark Sky. Turn Off Your Lights!

sea turtle safe LED lighting palm beach county

I saw them this morning while walking near the Intercoastal. Turtles are now hatching in Jensen Beach and they’re going in the wrong direction because of the ambient light to the west of the ocean. Turtle season means Dark Sky conservation.

Shut off the lights if you’re living on the ocean at night!

The best technology available for sea-turtle-friendly lighting is a Red or Amber LED.

Many of the light fixtures we produce and install have shrouds and compliant Amber and Red LED lamps which shoot down at the ground and are  FWC-compliant. Turtle season and dark sky is in effect until November.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Of all the animals on earth, Sea Turtles are doubtless under the most threat from light pollution.  Sea Turtles live in the ocean, yet they hatch at night on sandy beaches. Hatchling sea turtles have a singular goal to ensure their future survival – find the ocean. They locate the sea by seeing the brighter horizon over the ocean, and moving away from landward silhouettes.

Sea Turtles are an endangered species. Sea Turtle conservation is vital to the survival of these tiny hatchlings. Of the 10,000 born, only 1 might live to adult maturity.

Artificial Lights Can Lead Baby Sea Turtles to Their Demise

Adult female Sea Turtles can have a hard time finding a dark beach for laying their eggs and our suburban and city lights confuse their hatchlings. Instead of reaching the safety of the ocean, newborn sea turtles often head for roads, civilization, danger and death. In Florida millions of hatchling Sea Turtles die this way every year.

Light pollution has a major impact on species of endangered or threatened sea turtles that nest on developed beaches. With the use of proper lighting practices, technology and awareness, IDA is making it possible for our endangered sea turtle populations to rebound.

Turtle-friendly light fixtures are designed to keep light where it is needed — pointed downward. And turtle-friendly light sources limit the spectrum of light emitted to minimize the impact on turtles. When used correctly, these lights provide proper illumination for human safety without negatively impacting sea turtle nesting or hatchlings’ ability to find the ocean.


Light Pollution Effects on Wildlife and Ecosystems
Nesting Season Tips
Sea Turtle Conservation

turtles dark sky led lighting

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New Tree Ring Lighting Adds Drama To Your Palm Trees

tree rings led landscape lighting palm beach county Breathtaking.  Brilliant.  Novel.  All words used to describe our new12v tree ring lighting system.

Palm trees are so beautiful during the day, but as the sun sets and without proper illumination, the trees become all trunk as nothing directs the spectators’ eyes to the canopy.

A Tree Ring is a light fixture that is designed to attach to a tree by encircling the trunk or a branch. It usually accommodates up to six lights that can be pointed in varying degrees of rotation. Tree rings are a must-have for landscape lighting designs.

Typically, tree rings are installed about three-quarters of the way up the tree. It’s not right in your face, and the lights shining up cast dramatic accents into the canopy.

Our resin Tree Rings come standard in 3 different sizes: 18 inch, 24 inch and 32 inch diameter.

Each light can be arranged in a full 360 degrees of rotation, so some can point up, some can point down, whatever combination you like, it’s all yours. Point them all out to shed some light on the area. Point them all down to light the way around the roots. Point them all up to illuminate the branches and leaves to create an artistic, dramatic canopy effect.

Our new Tree Rings for up to 6 lights are ADA Code compliant for night time swimming pool/tennis court/parking lot illumination in multiple foot candle choices for all requirements needed for any situation, including Hotel and HOA lighting.

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