Jupiter Landscape Lighting

jupiter outdoor landscape lighting

Custom Lighting of America offers routine maintenance services on your lighting system on a semi-annual and annual basis. Often we are called by customers who have purchased lights from the Home Stores or Virtual Retailers, and their lights have burned out.

Read more HERE about how to correct this problem!

Our Products

We use the best materials available to withstand rust and corrosion. Because aluminum products will deteriorate over time from rust and corrosion, we offer you fixtures made from solid brass with Beryllium Copper lamp sockets. Solid brass construction can withstand the various elements associated with outdoor landscapes and will last forever.


Transformers have a lifetime warranty available for repair or replacement. Copper Knights and Brass Knights have a 15 year warranty. Signature and Odyssey have a lifetime warranty from the factory. Fixtures in natural and weathered brass are a living finish and are intended to change color or patina over time.

The manufacturer upholds a 10 year warranty for stock powder coated and additional color powder coated finishes. Well Lights have a lifetime warranty for repair or replacement. This warranty covers all parts and components, with the exception of the lamp.

Consumer Buyer Protection Plan

Our Plan is a simple, yet thoroughly drafted one for the installer to follow, guaranteeing “Zero Call Backs”. It ensures the integrity of the lighting fixtures. No overloads, no shorts, calibrated volts to the lamps, not to be over-volted, not to be under-volted, no blown fuses. When the installer has completed this thorough inspection process, the manufacturer Unique Lighting Systems can warranty the fixtures FOR LIFE.